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GlobalPay LTD provides PCI compliant high risk merchant account services for online businesses worldwide, allowing merchants to process credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and electronic checks. Merchants have the ability of accepting payments directly through their website as well as accepting manual orders requiring a virtual terminal. Merchants will be able to expand their payment methods by accepting payments in multiple currencies from customers throughout the world.

Grow your business with secure and reliable high risk payment solutions!

Choosing to partner with GlobalPay will give your business access to dozens of domestic and offshore banks worldwide depending on your company’s industry and processing history. As a merchant, your company will be submitted to multiple banks that are familiar with your business type and your requirements prior to you having to sign any type of agreement with the bank. The goal at GlobalPay is to offer several options to the merchant that satisfy their prerequisites allowing the business to choose which option(s) work best for them.

Merchants are now able to easily manage and perform payouts to both their affiliates and employees.

Businesses paying their international affiliates or employees are now able to make quick payments while avoiding exorbitant fees.

GlobalPay only introduces your business to proven banks and professionals that specialize in your industry.

Expand your company globally by choosing to work with an international payment processor that understands your business and your goals.

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