Adult Merchant Account

Adult companies regularly grapple with the task of being approved and setup with an adult merchant account. Most banks shy away from the adult industry similar to many other high risk industries because of the inflated risk that is involved. The heightened risk is centered on the possibility of an increase in fraud and chargebacks. Adult merchants have to find a payment processing solution that specializes in working with the adult industry.

There are a limited number of adult payment processors which increases the cost that adult merchants have to pay. The main reason why adult businesses are high risk is because of the legal restrictions the government places on them. For this reason mainstream banks do not want to deal with these merchants and the increased risk.

Adult merchant accounts are available to businesses located in the US and abroad. Our team works with a number of banks domestically and offshore. Most adult merchants are able to be setup domestically and for offshore clients or clients with extreme content on their adult website, we will need to go offshore.

Be approved and setup with an adult merchant account in only a few days. The type of adult business you operate will determine where we can apply and how long the approval will take. Banks have different risk tolerances especially when it comes to the adult industry. Certain banks restrict certain adult businesses while others welcome all types of adult merchants. After you speak with one of our account executives we will send you the appropriate bank application. Once we receive this back with the required supporting documents, underwriting is able to be completed.

After approval, your credentials will be originated and sent out. Our technical support department will be available throughout the process to assist your web designer with integration. The only thing left is testing and then you will be able to accept all major credit and debit cards.

Our company approves and sets up all types of adult businesses including; ecommerce, telephone based and retail establishments. Anyway that you accept payments for your products and services is fine by us. The majority of our adult merchants process payments by using our payment gateway, they integrate the gateway with their website(s) and allow the customer to pay right online. The merchant is able to set up one-time sale products as well as recurring billing products, like a membership. If your adult company is worldwide and you require additional currencies to process in, this is also available. Certain clients of ours have large customer bases in all areas and to make their website more accommodating they offer several currencies to help their visitors avoid foreign transaction fees.

We have been providing adult merchant accounts since 2005 and in that time we have strived to provide our clients with a complete processing solution no matter how in depth their requirements.

Payment Options:
-Check & Credit Card Processing
-API Integration
-Recurring Billing
-Virtual Terminal
-Cell Phone Processing

Global Pay LTD will approve and setup your adult business with an adult merchant account within a week of you applying. Adult merchants will receive their live credentials after approval. The merchant will integrate their website with the payment gateway and have the ability to manually process transactions through the virtual terminal. The underwriting timeframe varies merchant to merchant. You will not be required to fill out multiple applications or apply to several banks. Don’t spend your time applying to bank after bank only to be declined over and over again. We only work with banks that currently process payment for adult companies. Work with our team and realize how easy it is to start accepting payments for your adult company. Contact our office today and speak with one of our account executives to find out how we can help your company.

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