Adult Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing

Adult companies regularly grapple with the task of being approved and setup with an adult merchant account. Most banks shy away from the adult industry similar to many other high risk industries because of the inflated risk that is involved. The heightened risk is centered on the possibility of an increase in fraud and chargebacks. Adult merchants have to find a payment processing solution that specializes in working with the adult industry.

Adult businesses are usually plagued with the task of obtaining a credit card processing account. The majority of banks find the adult industry high risk because of the increased risk of chargebacks and fraud. Banks have to make sure that each of their adult accounts is constantly in compliance, which is a very time consuming task that most banks and payment processors avoid altogether.

Our team concentrates on providing adult credit card processing accounts to merchants operating ecommerce, retail and telephone based adult businesses. Adult merchants will easily be able to apply and be setup with an adult credit card processing account after they have completed an application and submitted it to our office with a few supporting documents. After approval, the merchant will receive credentials for their online adult payment gateway which will allow manual order processing as well as the ability to be integrated with their website(s). Adult merchants will be able to accept all major credit cards while receiving quick payouts directly into their business’ bank account.

There are a limited number of adult payment processors which increases the cost that adult merchants have to pay. The main reason why adult businesses are high risk is because of the legal restrictions the government places on them. For this reason mainstream banks do not want to deal with these merchants and the increased risk.

Adult merchant accounts are available to businesses located in the US and abroad. Our team works with a number of banks domestically and offshore. Most adult merchants are able to be setup domestically and for offshore clients or clients with extreme content on their adult website, we will need to go offshore.

Be approved and setup with an adult merchant account in only a few days. The type of adult business you operate will determine where we can apply and how long the approval will take. Banks have different risk tolerances especially when it comes to the adult industry. Certain banks restrict certain adult businesses while others welcome all types of adult merchants. After you speak with one of our account executives we will send you the appropriate bank application. Once we receive this back with the required supporting documents, underwriting is able to be completed.

After approval, your credentials will be originated and sent out. Our technical support department will be available throughout the process to assist your web designer with integration. The only thing left is testing and then you will be able to accept all major credit and debit cards.

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We Process:
-Adult Toys
-Adult Novelties
-Adult Dating
-Online Chat Rooms
-Online Dating
-Live Webcam Sites
-Streaming Video
-Online Photographs
-Phone Sex

An adult merchant account does no good if it is not stable and reliable. We have a support department that will assist your company with every phase, from applying to integration and support after you begin processing payments. Our support team responds to all inquiries quickly and around the clock. If your business is having trouble with the initial integration or testing of the gateway, your web designer can work directly with our technical support staff to pin point the problem. The majority of issues are easily and quickly resolved. Your account executive will be monitoring any support tickets you may submit to confirm that your problems are addressed properly the first time.

Global Pay’s adult payment gateway has a 99.99% uptime, allowing our clients the reliability required to operate their business without having to worry about their merchant account. When transactions are processed, either by your customer online or by the merchant through the virtual terminal, they are approved or declined within seconds. There are no long delays or timeouts. Customers will know right away if their payment was successful or if they need to use another card. Adult merchants will see an increase in ordering and payment acceptance while using a processing account from our company.

Adult Credit Card Processing Services
Adult businesses normally have trouble acquiring credit/debit card processing services. Many banks and payment processors will not work with merchants in these industries because of the increased risk of chargebacks. Our team specializes in setting up adult and adult companies with multiple payment options. Merchants are able to apply and be approved for accepting major credit cards and electronic checks.

Quickly integrate your website with our PCI compliant payment gateway. Your customer’s information will be securely stored while connecting with all major shopping cart programs. All data that is transferred will be encrypted; from the shopping cart to the bank. If the merchant chooses to save their customer’s information within the gateway, there is no risk to them or their business since all information is stored offsite with the gateway provider. The company will not have to worry about any type of data breach.

A virtual terminal is available for all merchants. Your customers will now have the option to pay anyway they wish. Telephone orders are easily entered into the virtual terminal to allow for quick and hassle free manual transaction processing. Merchants will have the option of setting their customers up for one-time billing or recurring billing on a set schedule; it is all up to the business.

The payment gateway is completely customizable in order to fit the needs of the merchant’s business. Transactions will be processed in real-time and receive an approval or decline within seconds. Your web designer will have access to the easy to follow API after logins have been issued to the merchant. Your company will be accepting transactions in no time!

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Payment Acceptance Options:
-eCheck & Credit Card Processing
-API Integration
-Recurring Billing
-Virtual Terminal
-Cell Phone Processing

There is no use of having a merchant account if you are unable to use it or receive support when using the service. Our payment gateway has a network up-time of over 99.9%. Our company has a full support staff that assists merchants with all aspects of their merchant account including but not limited to; setup, integration, technical support and assistance with transactions and payouts. Merchants will be able to rest assured with the fact that their payment account will be fully functional when they are processing transactions.

The support staff is located in several offices throughout the world. This helps with merchants receiving speedy responses to any problems or issues that they are experiencing. Tickets and problems are quickly resolved so merchants are able to continue accepting payments from their customers. Your company’s web design team is able to work directly with our technical support department to streamline setup and resolve any issues. Businesses will experience the highest up-time in this industry when they partner with the Global Pay LTD team of professionals.

Adult merchants are approved no matter how they accept payments. The most popular way of accepting payments is done by using a virtual terminal payment gateway, which can be used for ecommerce and telephone merchants. Other companies accept payments face to face with their cell phone or through a traditional credit card terminal. Some adult businesses will accept payments in more than one way to be as flexible as possible with their customers. Adult payment solutions help companies streamline their payment acceptance and accounting. Our gateway is able to be integrated with a number of accounting programs including; MS Money and QuickBooks.

Our company will work with your establishment to provide low cost payment solutions. When you contact our company initially, we will go over how you accept payments, your monthly volume, your ticket size etc. After our initial assessment, we will speak to our banking facilities to see what options we have available. Normally we will apply with our banks one by one until we have an approval however; some adult merchants feel more secure by having a 2nd approval as a backup account, either way we will provide a solution.

Global Pay LTD processes payments for adult merchants. Our payment solutions are both domestic and offshore which allows our team to place the majority of accounts that are submitted. We place merchants with all types of themes and niches.

Merchants will be able to accept credit/debit cards along with check payments. Merchants have the ability to process one-time payments as well as recurring payments. All payments are processed securely in real-time. All funds are transferred to the merchant’s bank account daily.

Credit card processing accounts for adult businesses have become very difficult to open in recent years. The adult industry as a whole is considered a high risk business that most banks do not want to deal with. These adult merchants have limited choices when they are looking to accept credit cards. Adult companies need to find and partner with payment processors that understand their business.

Our company has developed numerous relationships with banks that specialize in payment processing for adult businesses. All types of adult companies are able to be approved and setup with internet and retail payment processing solutions. Online adult merchants will be able to integrate their website with the payment gateway as well as manually input transactions in the virtual terminal. Adult merchants will have the ability to swipe cards and take payments with a number of devices.

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Payment Solutions:

Global Pay LTD merchant accounts are available from both; domestic and offshore banks. Where we apply depends on the particulars of your business. Adult businesses located outside of the United States will need to apply and partner with one or more of our offshore banks while adult companies located in the United States can choose to work with our domestic and/or our offshore facilities. “Adult” is a very vague word and most banks have their own internal underwriting guidelines that they follow. Extreme adult content will not be allowed at certain banks while others do not have many restrictions.

Where your business decides to ultimately start processing can make a decision. Our offshore banks are located in “card friendly” regions. This means that they are situated in areas of the world that will have a high approval rate for most cardholders. Other processors might set you up with a payment solution however if only a small portion of your transactions are approved, because of the location of the bank, it is worthless. This happens when the processing bank is located in an area that the card issuing bank has marked as a higher than normal fraud region. This will hurt your business more than it helps.

The adult industry has been expanding exponentially over the past decade. New adult businesses have been opening everywhere, both online and offline. One of the most common problems between all of these companies is the difficulty of opening adult credit card processing accounts. Most banks shy away from the industry because of the increased risk of chargebacks as well as issues concerning government regulation and the bank’s liability if underage users access the content.

The adult merchants must work with a payment processing that sets up adult credit card processing accounts. Global Pay LTD is unique in the sense that they specialize in working with high risk companies including adult merchants. Adult credit card processing accounts are normally setup within one week and are able to accept both domestic and offshore merchants. Our team specializes in providing payment processing solutions to all types of adult businesses. Our vast banking network helps to place adult merchants with banks throughout the world that concentrate on the adult industry.

Fraud has always been a concern, not just for adult businesses but for all online businesses. Our team has developed an in-depth fraud prevention suite of tools to reduce if not eliminate fraud all together. The success comes from the fact that it is fully customizable to the merchant’s website, clientele and industry. A one size fits all fraud prevention program is completely useless since all businesses and industries are different. If your business targets the United States and little or none of your business is from international clients, then you can adjust the filters to reject foreign cards. However, if your business has a customer base in a certain region or country you can allow these cards and block card payments from others.

Adult Payment Gateway
What good is having an adult merchant account if you are unable to integrate it with your website or accept payments at all? We provide adult payment gateways for adult businesses of all sizes. Even if you did not get the adult merchant account through our company, you can still use our adult payment gateway.

The adult payment gateway will work with all ecommerce adult websites. Merchants will have the ability to accept debit and credit cards through the SSL encrypted payment gateway. Transactions are processed in real-time and all data that is exchanged from the customer to the bank is encrypted. Transactions are completed within seconds and all data that is stored is done so offsite from the business, eliminating all risk the adult company may have if there is a data breach.

Most merchants will choose to work with our company for the adult merchant account as well as the adult payment gateway but other adult merchants were approved elsewhere and then found out that the bank does not offer a payment gateway that handles adult businesses. We can help! We handle the support for the adult merchant account and for the adult payment gateway, so you do not have to contact multiple companies to receive support.

Once approval has been completed, your credentials will be issued, allowing easy integration of your website with the payment gateway. Configuring the gateway is a simple task and is compatible with most shopping carts. Adult merchants will have countless choices when choosing to integrate with a shopping cart and a customer relationship manager. The API is easy to work with and your web designer will have backend support as well. Our technical support department will assist your company with integration and setup.

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Adult Toy Store Merchant Account
Adult toy stores are normally grouped in with other adult businesses as being very risky however adult toy stores are one of the lowest risk segments of the adult industry. Adult toy store owners will find it very difficult to start accepting credit cards since most banks restrict all types of adult businesses. These merchants will need to seek out a payment processor that will assist their company in accepting payments. This is easier said than done. Actual high risk payment processors are difficult to come by however our company has been setting up adult toy stores with merchant accounts since 2005.

Setting up adult merchant service accounts are usually a huge undertaking because of the risk associated with the adult industry. Most banks and payment processors consider adult companies as high risk because of the content, legal issues and the age requirements. The more government regulation, the higher the risk is to the bank. Banks have to continually monitor their client’s websites to make sure that everything stays as it was when they were approved. The type of content must stay similar to when it was approved along with the age requirement that is set forth by state and federal laws. All of this monitoring is very time consuming and if the website(s) falls out of compliance the bank is on the hook with the card brands for fines and possible loss of their bank identification number which would close down all of their active accounts and not allow them to board any new ones.

We will review your company’s website(s) and go over the different options that your company has available to them. Once we find the right bank that will accept the account, the adult merchant will complete a short application and approval will follow within a couple days. Adult merchants are able to be setup with an adult payment gateway along with their merchant account approval.

Adult merchants are invited to apply and be approved for accepting all major credit and debit cards along with check payments. Both card and check processing is easily integrated into your adult website. Contact our office today and review the different payment options that we have available. Most merchants are approved very quickly.

Starting Your Own Online Adult Business
There are really three different types of adult websites that you can run; you can have an adult novelty ecommerce site, an adult webcam site, or a pornographic video sight. Each website has its own specific considerations that need to be made before starting. As well as the considerations to be made, especially the legality of what you are doing, there are also certain tips to success that you need to follow. Find out just how you can start an adult website by reading the tips below.

Starting Your Own Adult Website or Webcam Site
Whether you are starting your own webcam site or your own pornographic website, the first things you need to consider are the laws where you live. There are usually federal laws that you need to keep in accordance with to keep it legal. You will most likely also need to get an online business permit as well.

Besides that, you need to make sure that all videos and models on your website are not minors; they need to be consenting adults or else you could find yourself in a whole lot of trouble because the possession and distribution of child pornography or other illegal forms of adult content are crimes that carry harsh sentences in most places.

Some other considerations that you need to make in order for your website to be profitable are things like targeting a specific niche of customers to get the most possible viewers. Another tick to getting more viewers is by making your website very easy to navigate. Along with that trick, adding only high definition videos to your site will also attract more people.

Finally, the last considerations for you to make include when starting an adult content website is how much you want to pay for your content, where it’s coming from, and how much, or if you are going to charge your customers for it. If you aren’t going to charge your customers, you will have to make your profits by hosting foreign advertisements.

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Starting an Online Adult Novelty Business from Home
Getting started with your own adult novelty business isn’t just like starting any other ecommerce store because there are quite a few considerations that you have to make when it comes to adult novelties. The first thing you need to do is to research different companies and manufacturers of adult novelties to see everything that is available, and based off of that you can choose which products you wish to sell, and who you wish to target as an audience.

The idea after all is to become a home based distributor of adult novelties; therefore you will have to get your own home-business license. You should also do some research to see if selling adult novelties in your area is legally allowed (in some places this is considered a crime), and if there are any zoning laws as well.

After this, you need to decide which companies have the best products, and which products will allow you to make a profit, and well if there is a minimum purchase required. Purchase the adult novelties that you wish to sell, and figure out where to store them. In the beginning you will most likely be able to use your garage. However if you have no space for inventory, you will also need to find a space to rent to store your product, and that’s a whole different ball game.

The final step is to market your products effectively, the best way being over the internet of course! You need to start your own website and market it on various social media sites as well as adult websites as well; try to choose a specific target audience to make things easier. Other things to consider here include the type of payment gateway you’re going to use, as well as the different shipping methods you wish to provide.

Adult Merchant Account Services
Adult businesses are usually plagued with the daunting task of trying to be approved and setup with an adult merchant account. Adult merchants need to pursue a bank that works primarily with adult companies and understands the elevated risk that comes with the industry.

Adult merchant accounts are available from both; domestic and offshore banks allowing adult businesses anywhere in the world to be approved and setup with an account. The banks we are able to use from our banking network greatly depend on the location of the company. If the merchant is located within the United States, we are able to submit your account to a number of different banks. Merchants based outside of the United States will be submitted to a few different offshore banks one by one depending on rates and approvals. We start with the lowest rate banks and apply to more banks if required.

Payment Solutions:

Adult merchant accounts are normally approved and setup within 3-5 days. The time frame depends mainly on the company that is applying and the bank that is underwriting the account. The application is very straightforward and a few additional documents are required to accompany the application including; a photo ID, voided check, bank statements, processing statements and corporate documents. Of course if the business is a start up, some documents will be unavailable. It is important that the merchant provides as many documents as possible in order to expedite the underwriting process.

After approval, an agreement is drafted and sent to the merchant, once returned, login credentials are issued and merchants are able to begin integration and start running transactions. Setup of the merchant account and virtual terminal are easily done. Your company’s web designer will have the ability to configure the virtual terminal to fit the needs of your business. After the configuration is completed, the merchant will start running live transactions instead of the test transactions that have previously been ran.

We Process Payments For:
-Adult Dating Listings
-Adult Classifieds
-Online Dating Sites
-New Startups
-Established Companies
-Massage Parlors
-Companion Services
-Bachelor Party Providers

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A number of currencies are available when applying for an offshore adult merchant account. Most offshore merchants will request one of the major currencies; USD, EUR or GBP. These are the most widely used throughout the world. Some merchants will require other currencies however this will require a more in depth approval process which may take longer to approve and setup. Adult merchants are able to choose which currencies they would like to accept payments in as well as what currencies they would like to receive settlements in.

When you partner with our company you will receive access to a complete suite of fraud protection tools as they are offered in our payment gateway. Our fraud prevention tools and settings are completely configurable to meet the demands of your individual adult business. Adult merchants will choose how strict or liberal they want their filters set at while also being able to block; continents, countries, IP addresses, cardholders, cards etc. Everything is easily editable from within our PCI compliant gateway.

Credit card fraud is an ever growing epidemic. Every day we read about the newest security breach and the effect it had on the company that was breached. When you are searching for an adult merchant provider, choose one that offers more than just payment processing but also piece of mind.

Our banking network works specifically with adult companies and is aware of what type of transactions will be processed (size, frequency etc.) unlike other banks that will quickly close accounts that they see as risky, our banks fully understand the adult business. When you choose to work with our company, you have made the choice to work with a leader in the adult payment industry.

Adult merchants are approved and setup normally within one week. Dependable merchant services are the backbone of any business, especially an adult business. Merchants have the ability to integrate their website(s) with the secure payment gateway, allowing their customers to purchase their products or services in real-time. Merchants are also able to use the virtual terminal that is included with all merchant accounts in order to manually process customer payments.

Our company approves and sets up all types of adult businesses including; ecommerce, telephone based and retail establishments. Anyway that you accept payments for your products and services is fine by us. The majority of our adult merchants process payments by using our payment gateway, they integrate the gateway with their website(s) and allow the customer to pay right online. The merchant is able to set up one-time sale products as well as recurring billing products, like a membership. If your adult company is worldwide and you require additional currencies to process in, this is also available. Certain clients of ours have large customer bases in all areas and to make their website more accommodating they offer several currencies to help their visitors avoid foreign transaction fees.

Payment Options:
-Check & Credit Card Processing
-API Integration
-Recurring Billing
-Virtual Terminal
-Cell Phone Processing

We have been providing adult merchant accounts since 2005 and in that time we have strived to provide our clients with a complete processing solution no matter how in depth their requirements.

After an adult merchant is approved with our company, credentials and logins are originated and sent to the merchant via email. The merchant and their technical support team are able to login and configure settings and filters before they begin processing as well as down the road after they have begun processing. Our support staff is always available to help with fraud prevention and fraud filter tweaking.

Global Pay LTD will approve and setup your adult business with an adult merchant account within a week of you applying. Adult merchants will receive their live credentials after approval. The merchant will integrate their website with the payment gateway and have the ability to manually process transactions through the virtual terminal. The underwriting time-frame varies merchant to merchant. You will not be required to fill out multiple applications or apply to several banks. Don’t spend your time applying to bank after bank only to be declined over and over again. We only work with banks that currently process payment for adult companies. Work with our team and realize how easy it is to start accepting payments for your adult company. Contact our office today and speak with one of our account executives to find out how we can help your company.

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