Many merchants look for reputable payment processors that offer merchant account services in both the USA and the Canada. However, merchants are unable to find many high risk payment processors even in the US that have A+ rating with the BBB. Only a limited number of companies are rated A for Card Payment Options and ranked in the top 500 fastest growing companies of the year.
Once you find a company which identifies your payment processing needs, you will get a comprehensive merchant account solution that is not only secure and fast but also customized for your e-commerce business. You will also receive competitive processing rates and reduced costs. Your business and customers will be safe because your data will get PCI-compliant security features. In other words, your required company will offer you Canadian merchant account solutions that are not only cost-effective and easy to use but also comprehensive for merchants of any size and type.
Owners of high risk businesses are always concerned about chargebacks. To cope with this problem, good merchant account providers have partnership with Verifi and Ethoca which make chargebacks a thing of the past. It is because of Verifi that merchants enjoy improved chargeback prevention and reduced merchant risk. Verifi deals with the fraudulent activities without affecting sales and customers. It enables you to focus on making profits instead of worrying about retaining your revenue.
The Alert System of Ethoca enables you to deal with fraud associated with card-not-present. The system creates a bridge between card issuing banks and merchants. It gives merchants the ability to prevent the problem of chargebacks. Instead of weeks, Ethoca gets chargeback notifications to you in a few hours.
Global Pay LTD Provides:
• Business funding
• Merchant accounts
• iCheck
• Chargeback prevention
Global Pay LTD offers their customers the best pricing, top-class customer service in the industry, excellent support, and the best services. You will enjoy the following benefits while working with the best merchant account provider:
• Chargeback protection services
• No gimmicks
• No annual fees
• No setup fees
• No application fees
• High risk account specialty
• High risk rates below 3%
• Approval within 48 hours
You will be required to fill out and submit an application. The providers of Canadian merchant account services try to keep the application as simple as possible. It will take only a few minutes for you to complete the application, and you will need to share some basic information.
Your business will get state-of-the-art merchant services from your Canadian merchant account processor once you hire Global Pay. It will not make any difference whether you are a Canadian citizen who wants to process in US dollars. It will also not matter whether your company is based outside Canada, and you want to process transactions in Canadian dollars.
Many merchants with Canadian merchant accounts save thousands of dollars in credit card processing costs annually due to features offer by Global Pay LTD. They include:
• Processing software
• Low-cost POS terminals
• Free retail swipe software
• Free electronic payment gateway
• Bank-direct merchant accounts
• Competitive pricing
Low interchange rates allow you to keep more of each sale. The proprietary interchange rates make payment processing very affordable for B2B customers. Some payment processing solutions have captured 50% market share. Canadian merchant credit card processing companies are trying to reach new markets through their valuable customers.
Different Canadian merchant account processors now have seamless integration for your business which is like a centralized dashboard. The user-friendly API enables merchants to easily add functionality and options to the existing payment environment. You will get to work with experts on PCI compliance in payment processing. The team of Canadian merchant credit card processors ensure that your business align with all security requirements from the first day.
A great feature of Canadian merchant credit card processing is recurring billing which will ensure that all future transactions happen automatically. It means that the merchant will not have to send reminders or invoices. Online payment processing allows merchants to sell anything at any time to anyone regardless of his location.
The top-class merchant services level the field for all retailers whether big or small. The merchant payment processing of Canadian merchant account providers is designed to help merchants thrive. It does not matter what is your size, industry or target market. You will able to receive payments from various industries or clients including:
• Small businesses
• E-commerce
• B2B and enterprise
• Credit unions
• Restaurants
• Community banks
• Real Estate
• Churches
• Nonprofits
• Government
• Retail merchant services
Your Canadian merchant credit card processor will be your consolidated payment provider. It will offer you low credit card processing rates for your business. The processor’s A+ rating with BBB (Better Business Bureau) matters a lot. The more consistent it is, the better it is for your business. Nowadays, merchant account providers are paying close attention on the design of payment technology. Merchants need user-friendly technology which is built around the PCI standards for data security.
Global Pay LTD will offer you joint marketing initiatives which will help you in different ways. It will extend your reach, and you will connect to a larger audience. Due to challenges in the high risk industry, processors are developing integrated payment solutions. It is very benefiting for the merchant and his customers around the world.
Canadian merchant account providers now offer multiple payment options. The options continuously evolve as your e-commerce business grows. The provider’s API will allow you to integrate the processor’s payment processing with the infrastructure of your business. To make it easier for the merchants, providers now support multiple programming languages. They come with developer tools and resources that are very helpful for merchants to get started. In addition to this, you will get various testing resources and sandbox accounts. It is very helpful to perfect the payment environment before a merchant launches his business.

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