Dating & Escort eCheck Processing Accounts

A dating merchant account is usually considered medium or high risk by most payment processing companies and banks. These transactions carry a higher amount of risk from fraud since they are completed in a non-face to face environment. Most banks and payment processors shy away from these businesses to avoid chargebacks and legal issues. Real high risk payment processors will accept these accounts and the risk that is associated with them. Some payment processors will say they accept high risk but after processing with them for 1-2 months your account will be closed and your funds will be held, don’t let this happen to you.

If you are operating an adult dating website, you are aware of how difficult it can be to be setup with an adult dating merchant account. Payment processors and banks group adult dating websites with all types of adult businesses, which are considered high risk. A large percentage of banks consider adult businesses as high risk because of the higher degree of scrutiny that Visa and MasterCard place on them. Unlike other types of businesses that require little to no ongoing support, high risk businesses, adult businesses, require regular review to make sure they are in compliance. Most banks do not want to carry this risk which makes it difficult for the merchant to find an adult dating merchant account.

Our company specializes in processing transactions for high risk businesses and dating websites are normally approved. Our network of banks, both onshore and offshore, understand the risks associated with dating websites and are able to offer reliable eCheck processing. If your business is located outside of the United States, we will apply with one of our offshore banks however if your business is located domestically we normally receive fast approvals with the best rates and terms from one of our domestic banks.

Being approved and setup for a dating eCheck account is a very straightforward process. Dating merchants will fill out a simple application and submit it back to our company with a few supporting documents. The approval process will take a few days and after approval, the merchant’s credentials will be created. The dating company is now able to login to the payment gateway and start performing transactions. The company will also have the choice of being able to integrate their website with the gateway if their business requires that.

Our team of payment professionals has been setting up dating merchants with payment processing accounts since 2005. We approve adult dating companies that are startups as well as companies that have been running for years. Our company will help your businesses reach its peak of success once we are able to set you up with an adult dating eCheck account that will never be closed. Dating merchants are able to accept payments by using; a cell phone, online payment gateway or regular credit card terminal. Contact our office today to see how we can help your business accept payments for your dating website.

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