High Risk eCheck Processing

The eCheck processing industry has substantially grown over the past few years. This is due in part to the tightening of acceptable industries for credit card processing in addition to the fact that eCheck is a much better choice for high risk merchants.

For most businesses, the search for a high risk payment processor is decline after decline. Global Pay LTD hopes to change this. While credit card processing is a large part of Global Pay’s business, eCheck processing is consistently growing at double digit rates. High risk merchants find eCheck processing much easier to work with when compared to card processing.



eCheck Facts:
• eCheck payment processing is one the fastest growing forms of payment today! Merchants are realizing the benefits associated with echeck payments; lower costs, more account stability and a reduction in transaction disputes.
• The eCheck payment industry has seen double digit transaction increases in each of the last three years. The benefits are overwhelming for merchants to start offering this payment method in addition to their current payment options.

Key Benefits Associated With Our eCheck Accounts Include:
• Low costs – eCheck processing rates are usually 40-60% less than regular card processing costs with more favorable terms to the merchant.
• Account stability – High risk merchants know how unstable merchant accounts can be. Credit/debit card processing accounts require that transactions dispute stay under 2-3%.
• Increased protection from chargebacks – For customers to dispute the merchant’s charge they must go into their bank and sign. The time frame is also much shorter than regular credit card chargebacks. This will virtually eliminate all frivolous chargebacks.

Global Pay LTD provides full service payment processing solutions to merchants of all sizes. Each eCheck solution includes our fraud protection system which is linked to our fraud scrubbing platform. Every payment is scrubbed over 30 different ways to make sure the payment is practically 100% valid and backed by funds. Fraud and NSF is virtually eliminated.

Merchants do not have to worry about signing checks or depositing funds, Global Pay handles everything. There are never any volume limits and companies of all sizes are approved and setup within the same timeframe, 1-3 days.

Accepted Industries:
• Annual Memberships
• Adult Websites/Novelties
• Alcohol Sales via Internet and Phone
• Animals by Mail
• Auctions
• Bad Credit
• Bail Bonds – Card Not Present
• Business Opportunity
• Cigars/Cigarettes
• Collections Agencies
• Continuity (free-trials, negative option/opt-out billing)
• Credit Repair/Credit Counseling
• Daily Deal Coupon Websites (like Groupon.com, Livingsocial.com, etc.)
• Dating Websites and Services
• Debt Reduction/Debt consolidation
• Discount Medical Cards/Memberships
• Donations
• eBay Merchants
• Ebooks/Digital Downloads
• Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigarettes) and Accessories
• Extended Warranties
• File Sharing/Cloud Hosting
• Financial Services
• Firearms/Weapons
• Furniture/Home Décor
• Gift Certificates/Gift Cards
• Hotel Reservations
• Investing Advice – Stock Tips/Trading Software
• Large Ticket Sizes
• Legal Services
• Magazine Subscriptions
• Medical Services
• Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
• Non-Accredited Degrees
• Nutraceuticals/Dietary Supplements
• Pharmacy
• Penny Auctions
• Precious Metals and Jewelry
• Prepaid Phone Cards
• Property Rentals
• Psychics
• Remote PC Technical Support
• Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC, etc.)
• Sports Picks and Handicapping
• Stun Guns/Personal Defense
• Tax Debt Reduction
• Tickets to Shows/Events (advanced booking)
• Timeshare Sales and Advertising
• TMF Merchants
• Tobacco Products
• Travel Services
• Video Streaming
• Warranty Services
• Web Hosting
• Vacation Rentals

Global Pay LTD is a Leader in the eCheck Processing Industry
• Sign up now and start accepting eCheck payments in less than 3 days from nearly any checking account. Virtually every industry is accepted!
• Are you tired of chargebacks from buyer’s remorse? eCheck processing is harder for customers to dispute after their account has been debited.
• Recurring billing and large ticket merchants will always find a benefit in using eCheck processing over card processing.
• Our customized payment solutions allow merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards and eCheck payments by just applying with one application. eCheck processing is usually approved before credit card processing is.

In addition to high risk eCheck processing, Global Pay LTD also processes payments for low risk merchants. Click the “apply now” link below and then complete the short 4 question form. An account representative will contact you back within 24 hours.

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