Direct Integration

Integrate your website easily into our PCI Compliant gateway. Your customers will be able to enter their billing, shipping and card information directly on your website or our hosted payment page (if you are not PCI Compliant) before submitting their order for approval. A full application programming interface (API) manual is available for webmasters to assist with integration. Our API will work with most shopping carts allowing for easy setup for the webmaster and easy use by the customer.

Virtual Terminal

Our virtual terminal is easy to use. Merchants are able to manually process MOTO (mail order/telephone order) transactions by entering their customer’s information including card information. After submitting the order, approval or decline only takes 1-2 seconds. Merchants are also able to manually setup recurring billing while also refunding transactions from the virtual terminal.

Back Office

The merchant back office provides real-time online reporting for merchants to; check the status of transactions, add new processing accounts and adjust fraud prevention tools. A technical support staff is ready to assist with integration and ongoing support. GlobalPay LTD will help your company integrate, manage and maintain your processing solutions. We will analyze your processing volume and add new processing solutions from different banks in order to spread your volume out. This is the safest way to minimize problems in case one of your processing solutions is closed.

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